Rimplates can be used as dashboards. For example, in student dashboards where we develop a dashboard for all students, here students and parents would see their biodata profile and academic progress at a glance, on the student dashboard parents can also make payments of fees directly to the school accounts from the comfort of their homes.
Rimplates can be used for a school portal whereby students would be able to check and print their results and also have access to midterm assignments right from their portal, Rimplates can be used in schools to create an online portal where students’ data are taken and kept for record purposes.
Rimplates can also be used for government portals, forums, and job application/recruitment portals.


How to install Rimplates
After looking at the aforementioned uses of Rimplates, you would need to install rimplates by simply following the steps after ensuring you have WordPress properly installed and running on your server,
The steps you need to follow are:
Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
Step 2: Click plugin from the menu on the left side of the screen, then click add new.
Step 3: Search and install Rimplates.
Step 4: Visit installed plugins from the plugins menu, scroll down to locate the Rimplates plugin, then click activate.