Why Rimplates?
Rimplates is a Modern era web technology for creating Web portals and dashboards for schools, health care centers, government and public organizations, it is also a WordPress plugin that allows developers to create and easily customize user and admin dashboards without coding.

Rimplates is easy to use and using Rimplates in your organization helps to digitalize your company
This can be made easy because Rimplates enables biodata entry, user profile, local and international currency wallets, online payments and access to digital materials on the user dashboard.

Rimplates can be used to create an online portal where student’s data are taken and kept for record purpose, students can simply create an online profile on the school’s website where they can pay their tuition fees, print midterm assessment, check and print terminal results without stress.
Rimplates is also used in hospitals and medical centers to keep track records of patients, book appointments and also take inventory.

What you can do with Rimplates software?
You can create a stylish mobile friendly user dashboard, create an admin dashboard with few clicks without coding, Easily setup the user menu on the dashboard, user profile and bio, customize dashboard settings, title footer text etc and Process online payment, prints and access online materials.

What Rimplates Offers;
We offer website development, student online database, student dashboard, online payment of fees, online result printing/assignment, training and support.

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